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Cost Of Living In Central Bangkok

Many articles have been written about the cost of living in Bangkok, with many of them claiming you can live a life of luxury for under $500 a month. But is that really true? The fact is that many locals in Bangkok earn under $500 a month, so of course it’s possible to live here… READ MORE >


Bangkok’s Most Weird Attractions

One of the things I love most about Bangkok is the sheer quirkiness of the place. All over the city you come across fascinating sights that you just won’t find in any other city around the world. Here is just a small selection of what we’ve seen recently. The Penis Shrine Only a few minutes’… READ MORE >

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London To Swansea By Train With First Great Western

As you probably already know, we love to travel by train and today’s journey was definitely the most comfortable one in the last five years. We’ve been in Southeast Asia all that time and love the trains there, but they’re not what you’d call comfortable. So traveling first class from London to Swansea was a real… READ MORE >


Heathrow Airport To Central London By Heathrow Express

As this was Miu’s first ever visit to the UK and my first time back in almost five years, we decided that we wanted to arrive in style. And the way to do that is by traveling Business First on the Heathrow Express. I’ve traveled to and from Heathrow many times using this train, but… READ MORE >


Kensington Roof Gardens – Secret London

Kensington Roof Gardens seem to be a bit of a secret, even among locals. It’s amazing how many people don’t know that they exist. But on top of a roof of a building on Kensington High Street you’ll find amazing roof gardens that allow free entry to members of the public. We visited a few… READ MORE >

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