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Cost Of Living In Central Bangkok

Many articles have been written about the cost of living in Bangkok, with many of them claiming you can live a life of luxury for under $500 a month. But is that really true? The fact is that many locals in Bangkok earn under $500 a month, so of course it’s possible to live here… READ MORE >


Shopping Along Bangkok’s BTS (Skytrain) System

Bangkok’s BTS (skytrain) is one of the most convenient ways to get around the city, so it’s no surprise that many of Bangkok’s best shopping malls and markets are located right next to its stations. Most malls along the route also have walkways directly from the stations into the malls, so you can travel and… READ MORE >


Bangkok’s Most Weird Attractions

One of the things I love most about Bangkok is the sheer quirkiness of the place. All over the city you come across fascinating sights that you just won’t find in any other city around the world. Here is just a small selection of what we’ve seen recently. The Penis Shrine Only a few minutes’… READ MORE >

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Trieste-Opicina Tram, Italy

As part of our journey from Ljubljana in Slovenia to Milan in Italy we traveled on the Trieste-Opicina Tram. This is the only time we’ve had to break up a train journey with a tram ride, so it was an interesting experience. What’s unusual about this tramway is that it’s part tram and part funicular railway…. READ MORE >


Zoe Market & Food, Vegetarian Cafe, Trieste, Italy

We only stayed in Trieste for two nights so didn’t have much chance to check out any vegetarian restaurants, apart from Zoe Market & Food, which is a small vegetarian cafe and organic food store located on Via Giulia. This was around 1.4 km from our hotel, Nuovo Albergo Centro. This is an interesting store… READ MORE >


Center Park View Apartment, Ljubljana, Slovenia

We decided to stay in Ljubljana for an extra week, but as the White Apartment was fully booked we had to look for an alternative option. Luckily we managed to find the perfect place just a few minutes’ walk way. The apartment was located on the 6th floor with great views looking out from our… READ MORE >

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